Choosing Vertical & Horizontal Blinds for Homes

Choosing Vertical & Horizontal Blinds for Homes in Ocean View, Delaware (DE) like EverWood Alternative Wood

When you think of window blinds, what do you think of? Depending on your awareness of window treatments, your past experiences, and your design sensibilities, you may think of either vertical or horizontal blinds, but it is likely that you didn’t think of both. Why is that? Many homeowners think of blinds as simply a catch-all category for window coverings, but that is simply not the case. Vertical and horizontal blinds are in fact quite different, and each works better for specific kinds of windows, homes, and situations. If you want to learn more, let Designing Windows tell you about choosing vertical and horizontal blinds for homes in Ocean View, DE.

What is the difference?

A good place to start when choosing between vertical and horizontal blinds is learning about what makes them unique from each other. A big clue is in the name: vertical blinds are made of slats that hang vertically from your window (up and down), whereas horizontal blinds are made of slats that hang horizontally across your window (side to side). While this may not seem like a large difference, it can actually completely change how you use your home’s windows.

In addition, horizontal and vertical blinds tend to look different, because they are often made of different materials. Because the slats of horizontal blinds are smaller in size than the ones used for vertical blinds, heavier materials can be used, such as hardwood or metal. But because the slats of vertical blinds can be quite long, lighter materials are typically chosen instead, such as vinyl, aluminum, or fabric.

What does my window need?

Here at Designing Windows, we firmly believe that every window is different, and this is incredibly important when deciding which type of blinds to purchase. Chances are, your windows are already right for horizontal blinds. Horizontal blinds are incredibly popular, and because of this, they are designed with common window shapes and sizes in mind. Because most windows tend to be taller than they are wide, the heavier materials of horizontal blinds won’t feel like a burden when you operate your window coverings.

However, if your home features the large window expanses popular in contemporary home design, or your home features sliding glass doors (a hallmark of beachfront homes), vertical blinds are right for you. Rather than being lifted up over your window, vertical blinds are simply pushed aside, giving you full access to a sliding glass door or large window. And because vertical blinds are typically so lightweight, making the most of your large windows is a breeze.

What help can I get with my decision?

While we think this information is a good place to start, ultimately every window, home, and family is different, so our team of highly trained window treatment experts are here to help you through every step of choosing vertical and horizontal blinds for homes in Ocean View, DE. Contact Designing Windows today to learn more about how we can walk you through this process! Our showroom is conveniently located in Ocean City, MD, but we also proudly serve the greater Delmarva Peninsula, including Ocean City, Berlin, Salisbury, and these areas in Delaware: Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach, Rehoboth Beach, and Ocean View, DE.